Waveland Financial is a commercial real estate advisory firm providing fee based advisory services. The firm assists lenders, property owners, financial institutions and debt investors on commercial real estate debt and equity matters, including asset acquisition, management, and disposition. Waveland Financial can also support commercial real estate businesses with creative financing strategies and asset management services.

The Waveland Financial team provides a superior level of real estate acumen developed through the Principals’ extensive experience in the commercial real estate finance field. The Principals’ relevant experience includes: established and managed lending platforms, acquired and managed direct real estate investments, performed asset management services, and acted on behalf of property owners as mortgage and sales brokers. This aggregation of expertise, experience, contacts, education, and knowledge allows Waveland Financial to be a trusted advisor.

Waveland Financial’s capabilities include advisory services, asset management/strategic planning, and co-investment roles. Waveland Financial takes principal positions in direct commercial real estate investments as well as commercial real estate debt and equity positions.

The Principals of Waveland Financial have senior executive experience in loan origination, underwriting, credit, loan sales, loan pricing, asset management, structured finance, securitization, investment management, and investment banking. The Principals have also purchased and managed real estate, both individually and as sponsors of investment funds.